Sell your exhibition space to Korean exhibitors

  • We help show organizers to sell exhibit booths.

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    MyFair is an online booth sales platform.

    In our system, Korean companies find the exhibition list, get a recommendation of well-suit one and participate in the exhibition.

    We support organizers to boost their brand and to sell the booths and exhibitors to get a successful result from the exhibition.

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    MyFair has a powerful exhibition portal site and the service.

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    Keep list up your information on Myfair.

    We help exhibitors to find your show. This is the solution that exhibitors are looking for.

  • Our Platform is made by Professional experiences and expertise in the exhibition industry.

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    With 20 years experience in exhibition industry, the founder has found that exhibitors had difficulty choosing and participating exhibitions.

    Therefore, He has created MyFair, a platform to help exhibitors and show organizers.

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