중국 광저우 국제 과일산업 박람회 2020
Guangzhou International Fruit Expo 2020
Fruit Expo 2020
2020.07.16 ~ 18
2020-07-16 2020-07-18
CIEFC (China Import and Export Fair Complex) (Guangdong Sheng)
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박람회 개요
Fruit Expo is held in Guangzhou where is hailed as the best commercial city on the Chinese mainland. The fruit output or consumption capacity in Guangzhou goes beyond imagination. For instance, Guangzhou Jiangnan Fresh Produce Wholesale Market occupies about 180 thousand square meters, has ranked the top considering fruit transaction across China since 2005. Meanwhile its imported fruit transaction volume accounts for 70% of the total, making it a crucial import and export market for China.
주    최
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group GD-HK-Macao Economic & Cooperation Exchange AssociationGuangdong Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation
후    원
Consulate General of Spain in GuangzhouAustralian Consulate-General in GuangzhouConsulate General of the Argentine Republic in GuangzhouConsulate General of India in GuangzhouThe Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)Mindanao Banana Farmers & Exporters Association, Inc. (MBFEA)The Philippine Exporters ConfederationInstitute of Fruit Tree ResearchGuangdong Academy of Agricultural SciencesShandong Institute of PomologyBeijing Academy of Forestry and Fruit Tree SciencesInstitute of PomologyJinhua City Academy of Agricultural SciencesShanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences Pomology InstituteQingdao Academy of Agricultural SciencesScience Institute of Agricultural PlanningChina Agricultural University
참관객 프로필
Fruit Industry Participants
전시 품목
Fresh Fruit
Fresh FruitsFresh CutOrganic Product
Processed Fruit
Frozen Fruit ProductsDried FruitsFruit CansFruit JuiceFruit JamPreserved FruitsNutsHighly Processed Fruits
Processing Technology Equipment
Grading sortingIntelligent detectionConveyingCleaningJuicingPeelingNucleatingCrushingCookingFiltration separationCIP cleaningSterilizationConcentrated evaporationDryingCoolingAutomatic control systemCleaning processing lineFruit processing equipmentFruit cleaning equipmentJuice production lineFruit detection & analysis equipmentAnti-counterfeiting packaging technology & equipment
Distribution Technology
Cold chain & distribution servicesFresh e-commerceFood preservation equipmentRefrigeration equipmentCold chain storageHandling equipmentRefrigeration materials & accessories
Agriculture Tools, Equipment & Technology
Fruit seedsSeedlingsCultivation techniquesFertilizersSoil amendmentsGreenhouse equipmentAutomated control systemsIrrigationPest control equipmentPreservation technologyPackaging materialsPackaging boxesPackaging equipmentStorage equipmentInspection & quarantine equipmentMoisture analyzerSoil testingSugar testing
Commercial information management systemFresh e-commerce systemCommercial warehousingLogistics systemStore management informationLabel printing equipment
지난 전시회 사진
참가 정보
  • 부스 신청기간
  • 독립부스 (3m × 3m) booth usd 1,980
    [부스비 안내] ·부스비: USD 220 / 1sqm [기타] ·최소 36sqm(4부스) 이상 신청 가능 ·공간만 제공 (장치공사는 기업에서 직접 진행하셔야 합니다.)
  • 조립부스 (3m x 3m) booth usd 2,200
    [부스비 안내] ·부스비: USD 2200 / 1booth [옵션] ·코너부스(2면오픈) 비용: 1면오픈 부스비의 10% (추가) [제공사항] ·기본부스 벽체(h: 2.5m), 카펫, 간판(중국어, 영어 표기) 1EA, 스포트라이트 조명 2EA, 상담테이블 1EA, 의자 2EA, 전기콘센트 1EA, 휴지통 1EA
  • 프리미엄부스 (3m x 3m) booth usd 2,600
    [부스비 안내] ·부스비: USD 2600 / 1booth [옵션] ·코너부스(2면오픈) 비용: 1면오픈 부스비의 10% (추가) [제공사항] ·고급부스 벽체(h: 2.5m), 카펫, 간판(중국어, 영어 표기) 1EA, 스포트라이트 조명 2EA, 유리테이블 1EA, 의자 4EA, 인포메이션 테이블 1EA, 바의자 1EA, 전기콘센트 1EA, 휴지통 1EA
참관 정보
2020.07.16 2020.07.18
09:00 17:00
단, 마지막 날인 06.27(토)는 오후 2시에 종료됩니다.
전시 장소
CIEFC (China Import and Export Fair Complex) (Guangdong Sheng)
382 Yuejiang Middle Rd, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510006
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